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Regal Connectors

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TCH is an authorized distributor of Regal Electronics Connectors.

From EMI shielding to ferrite filtering, you can depend on Regal for advanced interconnect solutions. Some models are RoHS Compliant.

Connectors can be configured to solve emission problems by using connectors with shields, filters, and conductive gaskets.

Regal Products available at TCH

BNC Connectors
Mini BNC - Unfiltered
Right Angle - Unfiltered
Right Angle - Multiport
Vertical Mount - Unfiltered
Filter Capacity Style
With LED Indicators - Unfiltered
High Speed, Low Crosstalk, RJ-45 Cat3 and Cat5E Connectors
Category 5E
Category 3E
Standard Modular Jacks
Right Angle / Side Entry
Vertical Mount
45 Degree Mount
Wire Lead Type RJ-45
USB Type A and RJ 45 Combo
Data Line Products
Modular Plugs
RJ45 Plug Boots
Modular Flat Telco Wire
RS 232 Modular Adaptor Kits
RJ-45 and RJ-12 In-Line Couplers
CAT3, 5E & 6 In0Line RJ-45 and RJ-12 Couplers
USB, Mini USB and Combination RJ45 / USB Connectors
Mini USB
Type A USB
Type B USB
Type A USB Surface Mount
Type A and B Vertical
USB Type A and RJ 45 Combo
HDMI Connectors
Regal HDMI - 19FSMT
Regal HDMI - P3 - 19FSMT
IEEE 1394 (Firewire)
IEEE 1394
D-Subminiature Connectors
Right Angle Receptacle
Ferrite Filter D-Subminiature
Vertical Receptacle
Dual Port D-Subminiature
IDC Termination
Solder Cup D-Subminiature
Crimp Contact Type D-Subminiature
Crimp Contacts
D-Subminiature Backshells and Accessories
Economy Plastic Covers
FCC Metal Covers
Grommets for Backshells
D-Sub and Backshell Hardware
Sockets, Headers and Jumpers
PCB Headers with Cable Latches
IDC Cable Sockets
Box Headers without Eject Levers
Dual Row Sockets
Breakaway Pin Headers
Mini Jumpers
IDC Transition Socket
PLCC Sockets
Mini Din and Standard Din Connectors
Mini Din Right Angle PCB Mount
Overmolded Cable Type
Mini and Standard DIN Cable Assembly Kits