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Stabilus Bloc o Lift

Blocking Gas Springs

For variable positioning, rigid or spring locking. BLOC-O-LIFT® gas springs raise and lower accurately and hold in position when stopped. 

  • Locking Gas springs can be blocked in any position by two different methods rigid in extension or rigid in compression.
  • Resilient blocking is ideal for smooth dampening of shocks, impacts or pulse-peak loads.
  • These gas spring may be suitable for continuous release applications, if required.
  • Available in strengths from 200-1200N (45-270 lbs) in steel with either a Black Nitrate or Stainless Steel finish

Sizes available (stroke length / extended length):

60 (2.35) / 228 (8.98) mm (in)
80 (3.15) / 269 (10.59)
100 (3.94) / 310 (12.20)
120 (4.72) / 348 (13.70)
160 (6.30) / 430 (16.93)
200 (7.87) / 509 (20.04)
250 (9.84) / 610 (24.02)
*Spring blocking dimensions shown

Stabilus Bloc-o-Lift

soft-o-touch button operationClick here to check out the Soft-O-Touch®, a push button accessory for use with Block-O-Lift®
gas springs. 

In order to save time and ensure the perfect match for your application, please fill out the design form (above) and fax to TCH Customer service at 416-299-3255. Please read our gas spring brochure (above) or click here for more information regarding the ordering of Stabilus gas springs.